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It was 1993 when I fell in love with this extra ordinary dog and this is when my first Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rhaisah, came into my life. Through the years the Rhodesian fullfilled my heart and became my passion. We digged into the essential of the Rhodesian and learned a lot before we started as a breeder with our kennel OHINIYA in 2007. As a family we never have a dull moment with our RR girls. Neyja and Shira made my dream OHINIYA come true and Satinka and Naira are our 3rd and 4th generation in the house. Once in a while we have a litter that is born in our home and we do this with love and deliberate combinations for this breed. We wish you a lot of reading pleasure on our website and do you wish more information about our dogs or litter plans, please do contact us.

OHINIYA Rhodesian Ridgebacks
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Puppies expected 8th April 2020
Binty her pregnancy is confirmed!

Colourful Rebels 2020

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News Flashes


OHINIYA offspring in the Dutch national Dog Magazine "Onze Hond" 
december 2019

At the frontcover Obi, OHINIYA Catching Entei,
son of our Satinka.

In the middle of the magazine Nelson, OHINIYA Says Never Say Never Again, son of our Shira.

And the one dancing with me is Naira, OHINIYA Shees a Kind of Magic, daughter of our Satinka.


Onze Hond  Onze Hond

Onze Hond  Onze Hond

This was a total surprise for us and we are so proud!