Puppy info


Pup van ons 

Our pups
Our puppies will grow up in our home where they get known to all daily activity's of a household with three little children. Here with us in our livingroom/kitchen we nurse them together with their mom.

From the age of three weeks we start with the socialisation of the puppies and this step by step to avoid too many excitement. They will see other dogs, adults and children, making a car trip, seeing bycicles and tractors, joining the kids to school, etc. This is the second fase of a pup and it is so very important to let them grown into a puppy with a steady and balanced character. When the puppies are four weeks they will get to know the bench and we start with toilettraining. We learn them that the bench is not scarey, but a warm safe place in which they can sleep and have their peace, but doing their pee outside.

Deworming and vaccinations
Before our puppies leave our home they will be frequently checked by our vet from animal hospital De Ottenhorst inTerneuzen. They will be dewormed according to a schedule and get their 1st vaccination with 6 weeks old (puppy vac). All puppies will have a European Passport with in this the reference of their vaccinations, deworming and health. The puppies will have their second vaccination with nine weeks (cocktail) at their new home, same for the 12 weeks vaccinatio. This last one comes together with rabies and para-influenza.

Chipping and puppy check
Between the age of 5-7 weeks old the puppies will be chipped by the Dutch Kennel Club. They also take a swab from each puppy to check their DNA. After this the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands will visit us to check the pups of Dermoid Sinus, kinked or blocked tails and other breed characteristics. Every pup will receive a report of this.

Time to say goodbye
With the age of 8-9 weeks old the puppies will fly out to their new families. Your puppy will get a pedigree of the Dutch Kennel Club together with their DNA profile. Besides this we make sure that you are not standing empty handed and you will get a puppy surprise gift, our Puppy Manual with tips and trics for the first months, food for the first weeks and ofcourse the European passport, Export pedigree if neccesary and you are living outside the Netherlands, RRCN report and our buyers agreement.

What do we expect from you?
Pup van onsBefore our puppies are born, we invite you as a future family to come over. While drinking a hot cop of coffee or tea we can get to know eachother and you can ask us all your questions for your future Rhodesian and tell us who you are and we can tell all about our dogs and us. You know it is very important for us that the right puppy joines the right family. After you brought your puppy home from us, we would like to know how he or she is doing and asking you to provide us with pictures and storey's. It's not just a puppy who will join your family, but a true family member.

All our litters will be born and raised by the Clubs Regulations, known as  the VerenigingsFokregelement from the FCI, the Dutch Kennel Club, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands and the Belgian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. We have a NO KILL policy for ridgeless pups and for all our puppies counts a life long support.