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Pregnancy is confirmed!
Eastern puppies on their way

Colourful Rebels 2020


This is a repeating combination for us. We were so happy and satisfied with the outcome of their first litter that we hope to achieve this again. Please find more information of the 11th Symphony litter HERE.

Bestik and Binty are both our dogs and it is so special to have the kids of both your dogs at home. And we are anxious to see if they again are so sweet and naughty, but with such great characters. One puppy has been trained to herd sheep and another is very helpful as an assistent dog for other dogs who are scared, unsecure. So proud.

For more information about Bestik please click HERE and for Binty HERE.

We are working with a waitinglist and you are more than welcome to join, but first we would like to meet you in person. For us it is very important to meet the future family and that you see who we and who our dogs are. It is for us so significant that the right puppy joins the right family. It's not just a puppy, but a true family member who will join yours. For more information how we raise our puppies and what we do, please click HERE