Colorful Rebels 2020



Colourful Rebels 2020 13 SuperMoon Rebels are born

Sire: NLJCH, NLCH Suleyman Khan aka Bestik
Dam: OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta

Born: 7 April 2020
6 dogs and 7 bitches

3 correct boys (of which one with one dewclaw, not a fault), 2 boys with multi crown and 1 boy with a kinktail.
3 correct girls, 1 girl with single crown, 2 girls with a multi crown and 1 girl with a multi crown and a kinktail.
No DS found.

For more information about Bestik, please click HERE
For more information about Binty, please click HERE 

OHINIYA Rebels in The Army Now
OHINIYA Got a Touch of Grey
OHINIYA Rebel Mellow Yellow
OHINIYA Dont Matter IU Black OWhitef
OHINIYA Tastes Like Brown Sugar
OHINIYA Walkin Along the Green River

OHINIYA Memorize in Red Red Wine (stays)
OHINIYA Bathes in Purple Rain
OHINIYA Little Red Riding Hood
OHINIYA Kissing in Da Fields of Gold
OHINIYA Gonna be True Blue
OHINIYA Got Her Orange Crush
OHINIYA Loves Her Pink Cadillac