Logbook Colorful Rebels



03 June 2020 - Time to say Goodbye!
Those last weeks flew by and the Rebels are growing so fast, doing so good. It was a time to remember, Rebels, Corona, kids at home, husband at home ;-), so strange and so beautiful at the same time. Hecktic moments, moments with love, smiles and tears (yes sometimes it was too busy ;-) ). But we managed and we would never do it otherwise. The Rebels have found their forever home and we are so glad with all those new families! Thank you for your trust and we hope to see everybody in October!

Colorful Rebels week 8 zz  Colorful Rebels week 8   Colorful Rebels week 8

Colorful Rebels week 8  Colorful Rebels week 8  Colorful Rebels week 8


21 April 2020 - Two weeks already!
Eyes and ears have started to open and the first waggling steps have been taken. It goes so fast. They got their first manicure and their first photoshoot! See the seperate album for those beautiful faces. We even hear some small barks LOL and Miss Pink was chewing on Mr Brown his ear. So great to see how they are growing. Untill the next update!

Colorful Rebels week 2   Colorful Rebels week 2  Colorful Rebels week 2  Colorful Rebels week 2  Colorful Rebels week 2


14 April 2020 - One week old!
13 rebels are doing so great! They are drinking good, but we have to give them an extra bottle with milk and that is beautiful to do. After two days they recognise you, the smell your sence and know that they are getting their bottle. Crawling all over me trying to be the first one to arrive LOL. Amazing experience.... So together with Binty they have enought milk.

Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte  Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte   Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte


07 April 2020 - SuperMoon babies are born!
After days of waiting, you know when you think a delivery is coming sooner, they always let you wait LOL, Binty got into labour. She started at 11.30 in the morning and we thought she was finished at 23.00 hrs. We checked her belly and couldn't find any pup inside. So we took a nap, Binty too. In the middle of the night the girl started to puff again. Saw some blood coming out and I thought Ah the missing afterbirths are coming out. Went to the toilet, got back and to my surprise I saw Binty lying with a new born baby next to her!! Number 12. Again she puffed and after 45 minutes number 13 was born!! And that was the last one. Wow so unpredictable, so beautiful how nature can work. We are very proud on her, she just did it again!

And the puppies were not tiny at all. The heaviest weight 680gr and the smallest 450gr, both girls :-). All healthy beautiful dark and some with black masks. Enjoy the pictures!

Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte  Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte  Colorful Rebels 2020 geboorte