11th Symphony 2018

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11th Symphony litter

Sire: NL JCH Suleyman Khan
Dam: OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta

Born: 13 October 2018
9 dogs and 4 bitches

4 dogs with multi crown, 1 dog with multi crown and a block tail, 1 dog with a shorter ridge, 3 correct dogs and 4 correct bitches
No DS and no kink tails

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OHINIYA Winter DayDream Symphony
OHINIYA Heroïc Symphony
OHINIYA Little Symphony
OHINIYA NutCracker Symphony
OHINIYA Military March Symphony
OHINIYA Symphony Le Miracle
OHINIYA Lord of the Symphony
OHINIYA Symphony of Fate
OHINIYA Romeos Symphony

The Girls:
OHINIYA Juliets Symphony
OHINIYA Symphony of the Swan
OHINIYA Symphony Pathétique
OHINIYA Elises Symphony (exp to America)