City Slickers 2011


City Slickers

Sire: CH Nkosi Sikelele Bushman's San
Dam: Neyja Asali van het Maasjesfles

Born: 6 May 2011
6 dogs and 2 bitches (2 pups passed away)

No DS and no kink or block tails
7 perfect ridges (Show Quality) 
1 ridge with 3 kroontjes (Pet Quality, = Mr Blue, Ohiniya Cochise Otowahe)

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Names dogs:
OHINIYA Chaska Otowahe
OHINIYA Ciqala Otowahe
OHINIYA Cochise Otowahe
OHINIYA Cheveyo Otowahe

Names bitches:
OHINIYA Chemwapuwa Otowahe
OHINIYA Chumani Otowahe