State of Art 2014

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State of Art 2014

After long waiting, Kira her first litter....

Sire: N'Gai Zamu Abariri Bomani

Born: 27 March 2014
5 bitches and 3 dogs
No kink or block tails and no DS, 2 ridgeless

For more information about Bo please click HERE

The dogs:
OHINIYA Da Vinciis Unlimited Art
OHINIYA Painted Art by Rembrandt
OHINIYA Michelangelo Sculpted Art

The bitches:
OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta
OHINIYA Legendary Kissing Art
OHINIYA Monets Impression of Art
OHINIYA Picassoos Smart Art
OHINIYA Stylish Art by Mondriaan


"State of ART"
The name of this theme says it all about what we would love to breed, sound and no-nonsense Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
"The true work of Art is but a shadow of the devine perfection" - Michelangelo -