LegenD 2015

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Sire: CH N'Gai Zamu Camarro Venguance
Dam: OHINIYA Raisa Kirabo Kwa-Siri

Born: 12 October 2015
4 dogs and 4 bitches

All in good health, dark colour with black masks.
All with nice long ridges, no kink or block tails,
1 bitch with DS, succesfully operated at 6 weeks old.

For more information about Benson please click HERE

Legendary boys:
OHINIYA One and Only Legend
OHINIYA Ridgefully Legend (export to Germany)
OHINIYA No Legend No Cry
OHINIYA Legendary Soul

Legendary girls:
OHINIYA Shees Every Little Legend
OHINIYA Freedom of Legend (export to Finland)
OHINIYA Stir Up Da Legend (export to Belgium)
OHINIYA Pure Legend