Puppies Born



U2 puppies are born!!!

Yes! On Sunday, April 2nd, Meggie gave birth to a wonderfull team of 10 puppies ❤️????????.
Unfortunately 1 died on his way out and left us to heaven ??.

3 boys (one with multi crown) and 6 girls (two with multi crown).
Until sofar no DS or kinked/blocked tail found.

The little rascals are doing great and growing so fast. Take your time puppies, before you know you are leaving for your new homes.

Sire: Nyangoma Call Me Carlos
Dam: OHINIYA Memorize in Red Red Wine
For litter information please click HERE
Photoshoot week 2:
The Girls:
U2 2023 week 1 Miss Bordeaux  U2 2023 week 1 Miss Green  U2 2023 week 1 Miss Orange

U2 2023 week 1 Miss Pink  U2 2023 week 1 Miss Purple  U2 2023 week 1 Miss Yellow
The Boys:
U2 2023 week 1 Mr Army  U2 2023 week 1 Mr Blue  U2 2023 week 1 Mr Grey
Week 1:
U2 2023 week 1 b  U2 2023 week 1 i
U2 2023 week 1 ga  U2 2023 week 1 j