Puppy Plans


Hopefully puppies around June 15!

Mamma Mia


This time we have choosen for the livernose studdog Livernose Rules Mercier aka Bluff. From since he was a pup we followed him and watched him grow into a steady and relaxed dog. With him we breed back to the wellknown Villagedogs line and also with this to the Ikimba bloodline. Both dogs are very social, sweet, stubborn and have a true no-nonsense Rhodesian Ridgeback character. Bluff and Naira have a beautiful movement, great bone structure and athletic bodies. With this combination we hope to breed the type we are standing for, authentic Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Both Bluff and Naira have the livernose gen and so we are for sure that we expect both black nose and brown nose puppies. 

Naira and Bluff had some great honeymoon days and we hope to welcome a bunch of dancing puppies around June 15! 

Our waiting list is closed.


There is a uge run on Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies and there for below our message:

For those who it is the first time wanting a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Please get your self known with the breed, dig up the pedigree and see what's behind, get used to the character of this special breed, ask for the parents, ask for health issues. Visit different breeders, see the website of the RRCN www.rrcn.nl, and touch, feel this breed and see the differences. And above all take your time finding your lifetime puppy, even if it takes a year. Its a Ridgeback for life, not for some couple of months. Buying a Ridgeback is not the same as having a Ridgeback, its a different kind of life, be aware of that.