Neyja Asali van het Maasjesfles




Nickname: Neyja 
Born: 05 April 2006
Passed away from us at 12 November 2019

Dam: NL CH Ainka Annie van het Maasjesfles 
Sire: NL and Int CH Jockular Jamal Aquamarin 

NHSB: 2603661 
Colour: wheaten 
Height: 61 cm 
Weight: 30 kg 
Siccor bite: complete 
HD-A / ED: free 
DM: N/N free


Reserve Bitch of Breed CAC & CACIB HOPWINSTER Wieze




Our little grey dove "Neyja" was born at 5 April 2006 out of litter with 13 puppies. Her calm but very naughty character caught my eye. From the beginning it was very obvious, she has a true mind of her own.

Unfortunattely we had to say goodbye to her last year and with that we had to close a chapter of our two foundation girls. That really hurts.

For a Rhodesian she had a certain way to please, she loved to bring back the ball. Swimming was something she would die for. Neyja loved to take back those enormous branches out of the water for you and than she looked at you, please again! But showing never was her thing, she looks than at the judge, how do you dare to touch me. Loved her attitude. No she rather runned in the fields and in the woods. And at that remarkable age of 13,5 yrs she still had her grazy minutes in which she turns around like a dear, grazy sweet little girl.

She never minded other dogs, just going her own way. But if she liked you, you were best friends ever, but not to rough and not to dirty. In July 2013 she got her third and last litter. Ger Butselaar, thank you so much for this girl!


06 May 2009 Alpha Team
, Neyja Asali van het Maasjesfles x MCH Jewelridge Brilliant Rubato 
►6 bitches (3 multi crown) and 5 dogs (2 multi crown)

06 May 2011 City Slickers, Neyja Asali van het Maasjesfles x CH Nkosi Sikelele Bushmans San 
►2 bitches and 6 dogs (2 died, 1 with extra crown)

14 July 2013 Once Upon a Time, Neyja Asali van het Maasjesfles x JW Burncote Bushman 
►1 bitch (died) and 5 dogs (1 died)


Neyja   Neyja    Neyja    Neyja   Neyja

Neyja   Neyja   Neyja   Neyja

Neyja   Neyja    Neyja    Neyja   Neyja

Neyja   Neyja   Neyja