OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta

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OHINIYA New Smiling Art by AlefetaNickname: Binty 
Born: 27 March 2014

Dam: OHINIYA Raisa Kirabo Kwa-Siri 
Sire: N'Gai Zamu Abariri Bomani

NHSB: 2959679 
Colour: wheaten 
Height: 65 cm 
Weight: 39 kg 
Siccor bite: complete 
HD-A / OCD, LPA, LPC, Inc: free 
DM: N/N free
JME: N/N free
Hemofylia B: normal
B-Locus: B/B no carrier
D-Locus: D/D no carrier
Ridge gen: R/r

Best Head and Best Ridge RRCN Club Specialty 2015

This naughty, lovely lady was born as one of the eight puppies in our State of Art litter, Kira her first litter. Already with birth she stole our hearts, her beautiful length in body and strong bone. And when she grew up she did not let us down in this, wow. With Binty it seems like it supposed to be. 

She inherited the sparkling lights in her eyes from her mother and sometimes she fools you. Binty has a golden heart and she loves to be with you. With her we hope to maintain the African, English and Australian bloodline of granny Shira and to step in the footsteps of her great grandfathers CH. Gunthwaite Action Man, Multi CH Walamadengie Awesome and CH. N'Gai Zamu of Ginba's Hero.

Binty lives with our friends. 


05 June 2017 Back to Basic Litter, OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta x MCH Villagedogs O'Red October 
►8 bitches (2 ridgeless, 1 kink tail) and 3 dogs (1 ridgeless)

13 October 2018 11th Symphony Litter, OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta x NL JCH'17 Suleyman Khan
►4 bitches (correct) and 9 dogs (4 multi crown, 1 multi crown and a block tail and 1 with  shorter ridge)


Binty   Binty   Binty   Binty

Binty   Binty   Binty   Binty

Binty    Binty   Binty   Binty    Binty

Binty   Binty   Binty