NL CH OHINIYA Shees Every Little LegenD

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SatinkaNickname: Satinka
Born: 12 October 2015

Dam: OHINIYA Raisa Kirabo Kwa-Siri 
Sire: N'Gai Zamu Camarro Venguance

NHSB: 3021452 
Colour: wheaten 
Height: 63 cm 
Weight: 33 kg
Siccor bite: complete 
HD-A / OCD, LPA, LPC, Inc: free 
DM: N/N free
JME: N/N free
Blue Dilute: D/D no carrier
Hemophilia B: N/N free
EOAD: clear, no carrier
Ridge gen: R/r


Dutch Champion

This sweet, careful and naughty girl was born as one of our eight puppies from Kira her second and last litter. This LegenD litter is a combination from old bloodlines who go back to South Africa, England and Australia. Many champions have fullfilled this pedigree, among them the famous American Multi CH. Globe's Groving Red Regent, the English Champion Gunthwaite Action Man and CH Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron.

From the moment she lay in our hands we had this click and while she grew up she got into me, us and stole our hearts. What ever happened she was going to stay. Satinka is just lovely, so great to work with, taking a walk and play. She listens very good, but can also be very naughty. Just like her grandmom Shira, a Rhodesian with a golden heart, fair, spontaneous, relaxed, sweet and a bit declined towards strangers, a true no-nonsense Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

29 March 2018 Gotta Catch'Em All litterOHINIYA Shees Every Little Legend x Multi CH Villagedogs O'Red October
►2 bitches (1 ridgeless) and 4 dogs (1 ridgeless), no DS and no kink or block tails.
Out of this litter her daughter OHINIYA Catches EeVee aka Nita got Best Minor Puppy of Breed at the RRCN Club Specialty 2018

30 March 2019 Made in Heaven litter: NL CH OHINIYA Shees Every Little Legend x Multi CH Villagedogs O'Red October
►4 bitches (1 ridgeless, 1 with block tail) and 6 dogs (2 ridgeless, 1 with kink tail), no DS
Out of this litter her son OHINIYA Will Rock You aka Ditau got Best Minor Puppy of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in Show @ Int Dogshow Rotterdam 2019!
And her daughter OHINIYA Shees A Kind of Magic got Best Puppy of Breed and Best Puppy in Show @ Int Dogshow Bleiswijk 2019! 


Satinka   Satinka   Satinka   Satinka

Satinka   Satinka pup   Satinka   Satinka pup

Satinka   Satinka   Satinka   Satinka   Satinka

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