OHINIYA Shees A Kind Of Magic

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NairaNickname: Naira
Born: 30 March 2019

Dam: NL CH OHINIYA Shees Every Little Legend
Sire: Multi CH Villagedogs O'Red October

NHSB: 3153266 
Colour: wheaten 
Height: 64cm 
Weight: 34 kg
Siccor bite: correct 
HD-AOCD, LPA, LPC, Inc, OV: free
DM: N/N free
JME: N/N free
Blue Dilute: D/D no carrier
Black/Liver nose: B/b livernose carrier
Hemophilia B: N/N normal
Ridge gen: R/r


Best Puppy in Show @ Int Dogshow Bleiswijk 2019 



This sweet and naughty girl was born into our Made in Heaven litter 2019 out of 10 puppies. From the moment she was born we had this click with her. While she grew up she got into us and stole our hearts. Same as her mother, what ever happened she was going to stay. Naira is such a sweet, lovely girl and so open-minded and friendly towards dogs and humans, but also very stubborn, having a mind of her own and loves to chase rabbits. Wow this girl is fast! She is beautiful in all ways!

Her father is the handsome liver nose sire Multi CH Villagedogs O'Red October aka Memphis. From the moment we met him I knew I wanted to keep a girl from him. Both pedigrees have many beautiful true type Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the type we hope to breed as well. Future will tell us!


12 June 2021 Mamma Mia litterOHINIYA Shees A Kind Of Magic x Livernose Rules Mercier
►4 bitches (3 livernose correct, 1 black nose correct) and 7 dogs (2 blacknose correct, 2 blacknose ridgeless, 2 livernose correct, 1 livernose multicrown), no DS and no kink or block tails.


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