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MeggieNickname: Magaskawee aka Meggie
Born: 07 April 2020

Dam: OHINIYA New Smiling Art by Alefeta
Sire: NL JCH, NL CH Suleyman Khan

NHSB: 3191773 
Colour: wheaten 
Height: growing
Weight: growing
Siccor bite: growing 
HD-A / OCD, LPA, LPC, Inc: to be tested
DM: free by parentage
JME: free by parentage
Blue Dilute: to be tested
Hemophilia B: to be tested
EOAD: to be tested
Ridge gen: to be tested




Our Magaskawee. We have chosen her name from the old Lakota language (native Americans) and it means; She who is graceful. We call her Meggie. First we had our eye on her sister, but Meggie, wow she came, saw and conquered our hearts. She followed us everytime she saw us, never left our side, as if she wanted to say, your mine. She is from our Colorful Rebels litter 2020 and one of the 13 puppies. 

Her father is our Dutch Champion Suleyman Khan aka Bestik, who we imported from Russia. Her mother is Binty, our own bred girl. Both pedigrees have many beautiful true type Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the type we hope to breed as well. 

Meggie has a true mind of her own, naughty and so sweet. She is a surviver, not afraid of a thing. Open minded for everything and everyone. She is now 2 months old and she is so curious for all that she shees, hears and also so easy going. She is just standing at the beginning of a big big adventure. Future will tell us what comes. Untill than sweet little girl, stay open-minded, be naughty and love your life.


Meggie mei 2020   Meggie mei 2020   Meggie mei 2020

Meggie mei 2020   Meggie juni 2020   Meggie juni 2020   Meggie juni 2020   Meggie juni 2020 

Meggie juli 2020   Meggie juli 2020