Team OHINIYA Rocks the ring!


At the International Dogshow Rotterdam 2019 team Ohiniya really rocked the ring. We are so incredible proud on our two boys.
It was hot, but they did so good.

First Suleyman Khan aka Bestik got a 1 Excellent in Champions class and than 2nd Best Male of Breed!!

Rtm Dogshow 2019


Than it was Ditau's very first show debute. But he did his name right! OHINIYA Will Rock You got 1st Very Promising Minor Puppy class, than Best Minor Puppy of Breed and in the main ring he got

1st Best Minor Puppy in Show!!!!

Rtm Dogshow 2019  Rtm Dogshow 2019

Rtm Dogshow 2019  Rtm Dogshow 2019

Woehooeeeee We are so happy! Congratulations to his owners Jörgen and Patricia!