PuppyReunionDay All The Best 2022


Sunday 22nd May 2022 we had the PuppyReunionDay of our All The Best litter of 2021. 

Sire: Akono Nayoma Lajaani Spencer
Dam: NL CH Ohiniya Shees Every Little Legend

It was such a beautiful day and seeing those rascals again was so great. Unfortunately not all were there, one is exported to Hungary and his brother to Italy! Some were ill, so there were 3 handsome pups who had the time of their life. Must say those three have turned into very beautiful handsome girl and boys . So we are so very proud on the outcome of this combination, seeing powerfull dogs, with bone and excellent chests, long backs and wow what a movements they have, to die for. We had a great walk and afterwards a very nice lunch at our favorite pub Café De Griete.

Thank you all for coming and special thanks to Wouter and Jessica of Café De Griete who turned it into a very special day.


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